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Our mission and vision

Accelerating the personalisation of wireless wearables. We empower brands to accelerate product personalisation by enabling them to understand and act on the ever-changing behaviours of people. We firmly believe that ongoing technological advances in manufacturing and digitisation in the consumer market will continue to lead to a personalisation of wearables.

We believe it is crucial for brands to understand customers deeply, to build a direct relationship with them and to offer relevant products that resonate with and support the behaviours and desires of people. We are driven to anticipate change and make products relevant to people. We believe in hyper-personalisation as a sustainable solution. 



Tracing the origins of Dopple, through the history of wireless wearables. 


The company Nira, starts the development and sales of communication equipment.

This includes the paper, headset, buzzer and intercom.


The inventrion of Bluetooth

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Dopple is founded

More to come…

Contact information

Overcingellaan 7
9401 LA Assen
The Netherlands

Overcingellaan 7
9401 LA Assen
The Netherlands

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